Mr Roberto Portela Miguez

Roberto Portela Miguez
  • Curator, Mammals
  • Life Sciences department
  • Vertebrates Division
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Present Position:

April 2008 – Present. Curator of Mammals, Mammal Section,  Zoology Department, Natural History Museum, London, UK.

Current Job Responsibilities:

The general care, curation, and preservation of the dry and spirit collections of Mammal Collections and the data-basing, preservation, identification and accession of new material. I am also heavily involved with the ongoing reorganisation of the collections. I am responsible for the answering of enquires, dealing with loans and the supervision of visitors (scientific, commercial and the general public) in relation to the group under my care

Previous Positions:

April 2007 – to April 2008: Working for the Zoology Department as Marine Molluscs curator.

June 2006 - April 2007: Worked as assistant curator for the Lower Invertebrates, Molluscs and Mammals groups.

June 2005 - June 2006: Worked as assistant curator full time for the Reptiles, Fish and Amphibians division.

March 2004 - May 2005:  Worked in the Darwin Centre in the double role of assistant curator/ tour guide. 


BA.(Hons.), University of Vigo Sept. 1995 to Dec 2001.

4th year – awarded Erasmus scholarship from the European Union to study in the University of Helsinki, Finland from Sept 1999 to Jun 2000.


Current projects:

Databasing and registration of new and existing material.

Curation of spirit preserved mammal collections.

Curation of dry(skins, skeletons) mammal collections.


Rodents collection

Rodents collection

Mammal spirit collection

Mammal spirit collection

Fieldwork and Societies


In my time at the Museum I have collected specimens for the following projects:



I am a member of the following societies:


  • Paul F.Clark et al., ( 2008 ) The commercial exploitation of Thames Mitten Crabs: A Feasibility Study .
  • Portela Miguez, R ( 2006 ) The Spirit of the Museum Porcupine Marine Natural History Society Newsletter 20 : 25 .