Gallery announcements

Dinosaurs gallery closure

The Dinosaurs gallery will be closed for seven weeks in 2016, from 4 January to 26 February. It will be open from 13-21 February for the half-term break. 

When it reopens there will be a new route into and through the gallery, improving access to the T rex. From summer we are moving the queue away from Hintze Hall to run through the Images of Nature gallery.

Moving the queue makes space for redeveloping the Hintze Hall displays between now and summer 2017. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Hintze Hall closures

Between now and the summer of 2017, Hintze Hall will be reimagined to lay bare the relationship between humans and the natural world. During the redisplay, some areas of the hall will close to the public and some specimens will be temporarily taken off view.

The second floor balcony is currently closed, and the giant sequoia has been covered and removed from view. The balcony and sequoia will reopen on 6 June.

The first floor balcony will be closed from the beginning of April 2016 to the end of October 2016. The Minerals Gallery will be closed during this period, but we are aiming to reopen access from July 2016.

The ground floor will be closed from January to June 2017. In the period leading up to these closures, some specimens may be taken off view in preparation for further works. We apologise for any inconvenience caused during these closures.

Birds gallery refurbishment

To ease congestion, we are moving specimens and cases and creating new displays in the Birds gallery.

The gallery is open and refurbishments should be completed by the end of February 2016.

Investigate centre

The Investigate centre is closed for maintenance on the last Thursday of each month from 14.30, except during school holidays. For more information call the bookings office on +44 (0)20 7942 5555.