Division head

Dr Martin Hall
Dr Martin Hall

Biomedical research entomologist specialising in flesh-eating flies, myiasis, forensic entomology and tsetse and tabanid flies.


Dr Anne Baker
Dr Anne Baker

Research entomologist specialising in the taxonomy of Acari (ticks and mites).

Adian Emery
Dr Aidan Emery

Schistosome researcher and Culture Facility Laboratory Manager, responsible for molecular collections development.

R Harbach
Dr Ralph Harbach

Merit Researcher and world authority on the taxonomy and systematics of mosquitoes. Focusing on the integrated systematics of insect disease vectors, especially Culicidae.

Dr Tim Littlewood
Dr Tim Littlewood

Head of Life Sciences Department and Individual Merit Researcher of parasitic worms, the evolution of parasitism and metazoans.

Dr Peter Olson
Dr Peter Olson

Evolutionary developmental biologist researching the genomics of tapeworms and platyhelminth systematics.

Dr David Rollinson
Dr David Rollinson

Individual Merit Researcher in parasitology and Director of WHO Collaborating Centre. Research interests include schistosomes and their snail vectors. 

Anouk Gouvras
Dr Anouk Gouvras

Post-doctoral Researcher studying the genetic diversity and epidemiology of human schistosomes and their snail intermediate hosts.

Muriel Rathbone

Project Data Coordinator for the Schistosomiasis Collection at the Museum (SCAN). Responsible for curation and management of data for SCAN and its user community.

Collections and curation

Eileen Harris in the Lab
Mrs Eileen Harris

Senior Curator of Parasitic Worms, responsible for loans and access to collections. Interests include taxonomy of parasitic nematodes.

Zoe Adams
Ms Zoe Jay Adams

Research Assistant specialising in veterinary and forensic entomology.

Data and digitisation

Vince Smith
Dr Vincent Smith

Cybertaxonomist leading various initiatives to develop digital frameworks to provide research information for the taxonomic community.

Scientific associates