World's most complete mammoth on display

See the most complete woolly mammoth ever found in our exhibition.

Baby Lyuba was discovered in Siberia in 2007 and is thought to have died 42,000 years ago at only one month old. She arrived at the Museum in May, for the first time in Europe, to take pride of place in our exhibition.

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Taking photographs: Please don’t take pictures of Lyuba, she is too fragile. The Columbian mammoth and giant short-faced bear make great alternatives.

Beautifully preserved body

Lyuba (pronounced Looba) was found buried in frozen mud by reindeer herder Yuri Khudi and his sons who were searching for wood. Lyuba is the Russian word for love.

The infant mammoth you will see on display in our exhibition has lost her tail, much of her woolly undercoat and hair and her trunk has shrunk, but most of her body remains intact. Our scientists are very excited by having her in the exhibitionl.

Don't miss the rare opportunity to see this amazing creature in the exhibition.

Lyuba is a protected cultural object on loan from the Shemanovsky Museum – Exhibition Complex in Salekhard, Russia.