Shows and hands-on activities

Enrich your visit to the Museum and galleries

Handle specimens and live animals, meet gallery characters and become a scientist in our interactive shows and activities.

Explore and Discover guides are £1 each but all other activities and shows are free.

  • Investigate

    From butterflies to human skulls, Investigate gives adults and children aged 7 to 14 the chance to examine a rich variety of specimens.

  • A Blaschka glass model of a cephalopod on the Inside Explorer Table
    Inside Explorer Table

    Examine precious Museum specimens inside and out on our interactive table.

  • Hands on Nature - Dinosaurs
    Hands on Nature

    Drop into this family activity and handle real prehistoric dinosaur, animal and marine specimens from the Museum’s collections.

  • Animal Vision
    Animal Vision

    Explore a world only visible to certain creatures and handle live specimens if you're brave enough.

  • Wolf Tales puppet show
    Puppet shows

    Our colourful and interactive storytelling puppet shows help children learn about animals, nature and life in a fun and entertaining way.

  • Gallery characters - Charles Darwin
    Gallery characters

    Meet historical characters who have played important roles in science, natural exploration and discovery, and hear their fascinating stories.

  • Explorer backpack
    Explorer backpacks

    Explorer backpacks are filled with fascinating activities for children under 7 years old.

  • Explore and Discover guides
    Explore and Discover guides

    Informative resources designed to enrich visits for children of all ages. Topics include mammals, dinosaurs and rocks and soils.