Temporary exhibitions at Tring

Deadly! is open now until 14 September

Discover the most dangerous creatures on Earth in our Deadly! exhibition.

24 March - 14 September 2014
Free: no need to book, just turn up

Punching and poisoning, drowning and exploding: the animals are armed and extremely dangerous.

See real specimens of some fearsome predators in our new exhibition, which reveals their deadly habits.

African wild dog skull

African wild dog skull

Brutal beasts
  • Killer cats with eyesight six times better than humans.
  • Scary sharks that can smell blood in the water kilometres away.
  • Creepy crocodiles that lunge after prey with the power to lift a car.
  • Top dogs that bite harder than big cats.
  • Speedy sea creatures that pack a powerful punch but could hide under a lion’s paw.

The exhibition is based on the book Deadly! by leading children’s natural history author Nicola Davies.