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Help us inspire a new age of discovery

This is a time of extraordinary opportunity both for the Museum and the global scientific community. As a Patron, you can be part of it.

Benefits of becoming a Patron

Patrons play a vital role in funding essential projects at the Museum. 

Patronage starts from £1,000 per annum. In return for your gift, you can enjoy: 

  • Exclusive Patron events including private viewings of Museum exhibitions.
  • Quarterly updates on projects funded by Patron income.
  • Behind-the-scenes news.
  • Museum tours.
  • Free annual entry to all our temporary exhibitions.
  • 10 free tickets for you and your family.
Professor Ian Owens, Director of Science

Professor Ian Owens

Message from our Director of Science

‘With your help, we will draw on the Museum’s unique expertise and collections to pursue work that is distinctive, excellent and relevant. Patrons in particular will enable us to maximise our impact so we can rise to our challenges, and succeed.’
- Professor Ian Owens, Director of Science

Our challenges

The Museum is committed to staging groundbreaking exhibitions, providing world-class learning opportunities and addressing major scientific challenges. 

To help focus our work, we have identified five grand challenges:

  • Digitise our collections to allow free access worldwide.
  • Use our unrivalled collections to monitor environmental change and support future research.
  • Emphasise the importance of biodiversity and find ways to protect it.
  • Tackle problems with global societal impact, such as health and food security.
  • Educate and inspire the next generation to care for the natural world and to use digital and molecular technologies wisely.

We hope you can join us in funding vital scientific research for the current world and future generations.

Jenny Halpern Prince, Museum Patron

Jenny Halpern Prince

What some of our current Patrons say

‘The Natural History Museum is the finest building in London and provides and invaluable resource to every generation.’
- Jenny Halpern Prince

‘The Natural History Museum is not only at the cutting edge of current science, it also has a rich history of discovery and collections. There is an enormous amount of historic material in the Museum’s collections. That is what interests me at the Museum.’
- George Loudon

For more information or to become a Patron email Gabriela Hallas or call us on +44 (0)20 7942 5906.