MRes Biosystematics

A one year research-based postgraduate course run jointly by Imperial College London and the Natural History Museum since 2002.

The course is aimed at students who plan to undertake a PhD prior to a career in systematics research, and is made up of three 15-week research projects.

This course is specifically targeted at excellent students who plan on a career in biological research, but who feel that a standard three year PhD programme is insufficient, or who are uncertain about their specialisation.

The course attracts students interested in organismal and evolutionary biology, either to lead to a career in research, or to provide those opting for a career in biosystematics research with a better appreciation of the nature of laboratory-based research.

The course will also appeal to those with a mostly molecular approach to systematics, or those interested in the new possibilities of genomics and evolutionary approaches to understanding the genome.

Students may have the opportunity of undertaking their subsequent PhD at either of the host institutions.