A. Vogler Image
Prof Alfried Vogler

Professor of Molecular Systematics at Imperial College London, with an interest in the phylogeny and evolution of Coleoptera (beetles).

Dr Martijn Timmermans
Dr Martijn Timmermans

Research Associate with a NERC Fellowship at Imperial College London. Martijn is an Academic visitor at the Natural History Museum.

Paul Eggleton
Dr Paul Eggleton

Entomologist, merit researcher and head of the soil biodiversity group.

Dr Alex Monro
Dr Alex Monro

Researcher in tropical plant diversity, specialising in the flowering plant family Urticaceae, tools for the conservation of biological diversity in Central America, and field collection of vascular plant herbarium specimens.

me again
Dr Neil Brummitt

Researcher focusing on understanding the distribution of plant diversity on global, regional and local scales.

Andrew Polaszek
Dr Andrew Polaszek

Research entomologist specialising in parasitoid hymenoptera.


Max Barclay
Max Barclay

Collections manager of the Museum's Coleoptera and Hemiptera collections. Responsibilities include managing a team of curators, administering loans, processing new material and facilitating collection access for visitors.

Beulah Garner
Ms Beulah Garner

Curator of the Museum's Coleoptera collections.

Ms Jacqueline Mackenzie-Dodds

Molecular collections facility manager, overseeing the day-to-day running of the molecular collections. Responsible for procurement, service and maintenance contracts, molecular collections and Health and Safety protocols. 

UK Biodiversity (Angela Marmont Centre)

Dr John Tweddle
Dr John Tweddle

Head of the Angela Marmont Centre, John works within the UK Biodiversity team, which aims to inspire people to spend more time outdoors exploring and studying their local environment.