Prof Adrian Lister

Adrian Lister
  • Merit Researcher
  • Earth Sciences department
  • Vertebrates and Anthropology Palaeobiology
Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road


Education and qualifications

1973-76     Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge; BA in Natural Sciences 
                    (Zoology) 1976

1976-81     PhD research, Dept of Zoology, Cambridge, supported by Gonville &
                    Caius College Research Studentship. "Evolutionary Studies on
                    Pleistocene Deer". MA 1979, PhD 1981

Academic employment

1981-82     Royal Society European Exchange Fellowship, held at the University
                    of Aix/Marseille II, France, and the Senckenberg Institute, Frankfurt,

1982-85     Research Fellow, Girton College, Cambridge.

1986-89     Research Associate, Dept of Zoology, Cambridge (PDRA on NERC
                    grant to K A Joysey)

1989-91     Senior Research Associate, Dept of Zoology, Cambridge
                    (above grant renewed).

1991-96     SERC (subsequently BBSRC) Advanced Research Fellow, University
                    College London.

1992-97     Lecturer in Biology, University College London.

1997-2002 Reader in Evolutionary Biology, University College London

2002-07      Professor of Palaeobiology, University College London

2007-           Honorary Professor, Department of Genetics, Evolution & Environment, UCL

2007-           Research Leader, Department of Palaeontology, Natural History Museum

2009-           Merit Researcher, Department of Palaeontology, Natural History Museum

Professional awards 

1997            Stopes Medal of the Geologists’ Association (for contributions to 
                     knowledge of the environment of early Man) (1997)

2000-1         Royal Society /Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship

2009             Individual Merit Promotion, The Natural History Museum

Professional Roles

Natural History Museum roles and initiatives

  • ‘Identifying Key Collections with Potential for Climate-Change Research’.
    Strategic Innovation Fund, September 2008-June 2009 (Principal Investigator).
  • ‘Biotic response to Environmental Change’ (part of Origins and Evolution Initiative), 2012-2015 (Project Manager).
  • ‘The development of a state-of-the-art ancient DNA facility at the Natural 
    History Museum’. Capital Bid 2008 (Principal Investigator).
  • Ancient DNA project board 2011-2013 (Senior User).
  • Postgraduate Research and Training Committee (Earth Sciences representative). 2012-
  • ‘Mammoths: Ice Age Giants’ exhibition 2012-14 (Project Board, Project Team, Scientific Advisor).

External Committees

  • NERC Steering Committee member, EFCHED thematic programme
    (Environmental Factors in the Chronology of Human Evolution and Dispersal)
  • Council, Scientific Exploration Society (1999-2009)
  • Chair, Scientific Appraisal Panel, Scientific Exploration Society (2007-9)
  • Asian Elephant Specialist Group of the International Union for the
    Conservation of Nature (since 1997)
  • Deer Specialist Group of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature
  • Steering Committee (since 1994) & NHM representative (since 2007), Centre for
    Ecology and Evolution
  • Executive Committee, Quaternary Research Association (1995-8)
  • Council, Linnean Society of London (2001-4)
  • Council and Committee of Management, International Trust for Zoological
    Nomenclature (1994-2002)

Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Fellow, Linnean Society of London (since 1992)
  • Scientific Fellow, Zoological Society of London (since 1994)
  • Quaternary Research Association (since 1976)
  • Mammal Society (since 2013)
  • Honorary Member, Scientific Exploration Society (since 1998)


  • Mammal Editor, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society (1996-2006)
  • Editoral Board, Quaternary Science Reviews (2000-2005)
  • Editorial Board, Russian Journal of Theriology (since 2001)
  • Mammal Editor, Journal of Systematic Palaeontology (since 2008)
  • Palaeontology Editor, Scientific Reports (since 2012)

PhD examination

1995    University of London (Institute of Archaeology, UCL), Brian Irving

1995    University of Paris, Patrick Auguste

1997    University of Cambridge, Eleanor Weston

1998    University of London (Royal Holloway), Charles Sheldrick

1998    University of Lyon, Bruno Labe

1999    University of Reading, Melissa Reed

2000    University of London (Institute of Archaeology, UCL), Sylvia Warman

2001    University of Helsinki, Pirkko Ukkonen

2002    University of Kent, Russell Seymour

2003    University of Paris, Régis Debruyne

2005    University of Liverpool (John Moore’s), Sally Reynolds

2006    University of Bharathidasan (India), C. Arivazhagan

2006    University of London (Queen Mary), Stefan Gabriel

2006    University of London (UCL), Andrew Fowler

2008    University of London (Royal Holloway), Barnaby Crocker

2008    University of Cardiff, Mireille Johnson

2009    University of York, Eline van Asperen

2011    University of Leiden, Hans van Essen

2012    University of Cambridge, Eva Bärmann



My research is centred on the exploitation of Quaternary mammal fossils to enhance 
our understanding of processes of evolution and extinction at the species level.  
Quaternary mammals are exceptionally well-suited to this endeavour because of their 
abundance in time and space, the accurate dating methods available, and the detailed 
knowledge of dramatic environmental changes to which the fauna responded.  Further, 
because Quaternary ice ages shaped the modern biota, and because many Quaternary 
species have close living relatives, the study of Quaternary faunas and floras is of direct 
relevance to modern systematics, biogeography and conservation biology. Finally, 
Quaternary fossils in some circumstances preserve traces of biological molecules such 
as DNA that can be extracted and sequenced, yielding novel information about their 
biology and evolution.

Current projects in my group include:

  • Evolution and taxonomy of ice-age deer
    This project aims to reconstruct the relationships among the different extinct deer species which lived in Europe between 2.5 and 0.5 million years ago. We are also making an in-depth study of the origin of subspecies within the modern red deer group.
  • Dwarfing of fossil mammals on Mediterranean islands
    We are leading a project to study the effect of dramatic environmental changes over the last 800,000 years on the evolution and survival of dwarf elephants and dwarf deer. Such work may help us understand how mammals might respond to climate change today.
  • Extinction of large mammals in the Late Quaternary Ice Age
    We are investigating the  Late Quaternary extinction of many large mammal species, in particular its causality in terms of climate, people, or both. In collaboration with colleagues at the University of Durham and the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Laboratory, we are mapping the changing distributions of mammals, vegetation and humans through the critical period. We also use ancient DNA to help map the population history of species that survived and those that went extinct.
  • Taxonomic status of living elephants
    The taxonomy of both African and Asian elephants is under debate. We are conducting a number of studies focusing on anatomical variation to complement the genetic research taking place
  • Mammoth evolution as a model for species origins
    The origin of the woolly and Columbian mammoths is one of the best-documented examples of species evolution in the fossil record. Using mammoth fossils from around the world, we are studying and modeling how these species originated. In a related project, we are utilising woolly mammoth DNA to track both population history and the origin of the mammoth’s special adaptations.
  • Body size variation in Quaternary mammals
    We are investigating the influence of food and temperature on body size change in ice age mammals.
  • The role of behaviour in evolution
    How does the evolution of new adaptive traits begin? We are using the fossil record to investigating how behavioural responses to the environment  may place species in a new adaptive regime where new morphologies evolve.

Research grants held

NERC, GR3/8248  “The stratigraphic and evolutionary significance of elephants in the 
Cromer Forest-bed Formation”.  1/1/92 - 31/12/92.  £18,446 (sole PI)

SERC, H95662  “Evolution in mammalian species: a combined molecular,         
morphological and historical study on deer". 1/10/93 - 30/9/96.  £136,772 
(lead PI
, with Prof. T.A. Burke [then Univ. Leicester])

NERC, GR3/8699  “Evolution and ecology of Pleistocene horses in Britain”. 1/4/93 - 
31/3/96.  £87,596 (sole PI)

BBSRC, GO2228 "Speciation & evolution in holarctic large mammals" (Visiting            
Professorship for Dr Andrei Sher). 15.2.95-14.10.95. £26,620 (sole PI)

NERC (Ancient Biomolecules Initiative), GST/02/1038 "Ancient and modern DNA       
from a variety of sources in a study of horse domestication".  1.3.95-28.2.97.          
£28,562 (lead PI, with Dr. M. Bruford [then Institute of Zoology])

NERC (Radiocarbon committee) 621/0895 “Late Pleistocene to Holocene history of 
the horse in Britain” 1996.  £14,000 (sole PI)

Royal Society, “Evolution in the Ice Age: patterns of change among Quaternary 
mammals” 1/10/00-30/9/01 £28,000 (sole PI)

NERC GR3/12599  “Late Quaternary megafaunal extinctions in Europe and northern Asia 1.9.99-31.8.02. £282,651 (lead PI, with Prof. R. Hedges [Univ. Oxford])

Royal Society, Joint project grant with Dr Andrei Sher “Quaternary mammal dispersal, 
evolution and extinction” 1.10.99 – 30.9.02.  £9,000 (sole PI)

Royal Society /Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship (1.10.00-30.9.01) £27,888

Leverhulme F/07134/AC “Mammoth, vertebrate fauna and palaeoenvironment of the 
Cromerian stratotype”. 1.12.02 – 30.11.05.  £157,524 (Sole PI)

Royal Society, Anglo-Russian Joint Project Grant, ‘Evolution and Dispersal: the case 
study of fossil musk-oxen in the Holarctic’. 1/10/2004-31/12/2006, £12,000.

NERC, NE/D003105/1: ‘Pleistocene to Holocene extinction dynamics of northern 
Eurasian megafauna, in relation to human activity and environmental change’, 
1/3/2006 – 28/2/2009, £514,185 (lead PI).

BBSRC, BB/D522689/1: ‘Size change and the development of mammalian body form: 
a morphometric and ancient DNA study of island dwarfing. 1/10/2005 – 
30/9/2008, £256,835 (lead PI).

NERC ORADS 2007/2/5: ‘The role of climate change in species range shifts: an 
ancient DNA study of Quaternary red deer’. 1/1/08-31/12/08, £11,730 (Co-I)

Royal Society incoming short visit for Dr Marzia Breda: ‘Biochronology and evolution 
of British Early to Middle Pleistocene deer’. 1/5/08-31/07/08, £4,412 (PI)

NERC ORADS:  ‘Consequences of climate change on the demography and evolution 
of woolly mammoths’ 2008-9, £27,255 (PI)

NERC ORADS: ‘The expansion and colonization of the Beringian moose (Alces alces
to North America – combined ancient DNA and radiocarbon study. 2008-9, 
£11,385 (Co-I)

NERC: ‘Biotic responses to environmental change: dwarf mammals of Mediterranean 
islands as evolutionary experiments in the Quaternary’ 15/11/2008-14/11/2011 
£343,354 (Lead PI)

EU: “Palaeobiological inference through phylogenetic analysis of Pleistocene deer”, 
09/04/2009-08/03/2011, €173,417 (PI)

NERC: ‘A niche-modelling approach to understanding Late Quaternary megafaunal 
extinctions’ 01/03/2009-28/02/2012, £34,624 (Co-PI)

NERC: ‘Seeing genes in space and time: the evolution of neutral and functional genetic diversity using woolly mammoth’, 01/11/2012-31/10/2015, £35,105 (Co-PI)

Leverhulme: ‘Evolutionary Patterns in Deer on Mediterranean Islands’, 01/10/2013-30/9/2016, £180,110 (PI)

PhD Students

  • Dr. H. Gee, British Pleistocene bovids. PhD 1988. Currently Senior Editor at Nature.
  • Prof. D Schreve, Mammalian biostratigraphy of the later Middle Pleistocene in Britain. PhD 1998. Currently Professor of Quaternary Science at Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Dr J Stewart, The Evolution of Quaternary birds in the western Palaearctic. PhD 1999. Currently Reader in Paleoenvironments, Bournemouth University
  • Dr. L. Kaagan, The horse in Late Pleistocene and Holocene Britain. PhD 2000. Currently sub-editor for a biomedical journals company
  • Dr H Chatterjee, Phylogeny and biogeography of gibbons. PhD 2000. Currently Senior Lecturer, GEE Department, UCL and Head of Research and Teaching at UCL Museums and Collections.
  • Dr L Leakey, Body weight estimation of Bovidae and Plio-Pleistocene faunal change, Turkana Basin, Kenya. PhD 2001. Currently Curator of fossil mammals at Kenya National Museums
  • Dr S Collinge, Body size and community structure in British Pleistocene mammals.
    PhD 2001. Currently Secretary of TLS Peer-Review Committee, NERC
  • Dr P Davies,  Ecology and evolution of the straight-tusked elephant. PhD 2002. Currently Biology teacher
  • Dr C. Silveira, Systematics of endangered African bovids. PhD 2003. Currently postdoctoral researcher, Lisbon University
  • Dr Khyne U Mar, The Demography and Life History Strategies of Timber Elephants in 
    PhD 2007. Currently PDRA, University of Sheffield.
  • Dr C-H Chang, Quaternary elephantids of the Far East. PhD 2010. Currently Curator of Paleontology, The National Museum, Taiwan.
  • Dr V. Herridge, Dwarfing of elephants on Mediterranean islands – a study in parallel evolution. PhD 2010. Currently PDRA, Dept of Earth Sciences, Natural History Museum.
  • Dr Ebru Albayrak, Quaternary fossil proboscideans of Turkey (University of Ankara, 
    co-supervisor). PhD 2010. Currently Curator, Ankara Museum.
  • Dr Meirav Meiri, An ancient DNA study of red deer and moose (RHUL). PhD 2010. Currently Ancient DNA researcher, Tel Aviv University.
  • Mr F. Owen, Taxonomy and evolution of British Pleistocene Horses (UCL). Expected submission 2015.
  • Ms L D’Souza, The evolution of deer in the Siculo-Maltese archipelago (Univ. Bristol). Expected submission 2016.
  • Mr Marc Dickinson, ‘Getting our teeth into the Quaternary: amino-acids in enamel (Univ. York).  To begin Oct 2014.


1976-78       Excavation of Last Interglacial deposits and fauna at Swanton 
                      Morley, Norfolk (with A. J. Stuart)

1986-87       Excavation of mammoth skeletons at Condover, Shropshire (with 
                      G.R. Coope)

1988-89       Excavation of Cromerian deposits and fauna at Little Oakley, Essex 
                      (with R.C. Preece)

1994-2001   Investigation of wild elephants at Bardia National Park, Nepal
                      (Scientific Director, with Scientific Exploration Society), 4 

1998-2002   Investigation of wild elephants at Nagarahole National Park, SW 
                      India (Expedition Leader, with Scientific Exploration Society and 
                      Indian Institute of Science), 3 expeditions

2004             Investigation of wild elephants at Mole National Park, Ghana (Expedition 
                      Leader, with Scientific Exploration Society and Ghana Wildlife 

2008             Investigation of wild elephants in Sabah (Borneo) (Expedition 
                      Leader, with Scientific Exploration Society & Sabah Wildlife 

2011             Survey and sampling of dwarf mammal localities on Sicily (Principal
                      Investigator, with V. Herridge, D. Richards, J.-L. Schwenninger and K.

2012/14       Survey and sampling of Ghar Dalam Cave, Malta (Principal Investigator, with V.
                      Herridge, D. Richards, J.-L. Schwenninger, C. Standish & L. D’Souza)

Meetings and Outreach

Invited speaker at national & international meetings (since 1992)

1992    ESF (European Science Foundation) Workshop on Quaternary Mammals.

1992    ESF Conference on 'Modes and tempos of Evolution', Dijon

1992    NSF Soviet-American Quaternary Paleozoology conference, Springfield, Illinois

1993    QRA (Quaternary Research Association) conference 'Island Britain', Cambridge

1994    Zoological Society of London Symposium, 'Miniature Vertebrates'

1994    Neogene and Quaternary Mammals of the Palaearctic, Krakow, Poland*

1995    2nd European Congress of Mammalogy, Southampton

1995    First International Mammoth Conference, St Petersburg, Russia 

1995    NATO Advanced Research Workshop, ‘Past and Future Rapid Environmental Changes: 
            the Spatial and Evolutionary responses of Terrestrial Biota’, Crieff, Scotland

1996    INQUA SEQS-EuroMam Symposium, Kerkrade, The Netherlands

1996    Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology annual meeting, New York           

1997    6th Conference on Australian Vertebrate Evolution, Perth

1999    QRA conference on Biostratigraphy, Cambridge.

1999    Second International Mammoth Conference, Rotterdam

2000    History and Evolution of Ungulates, Avignon, France

2000    Early and Middle Pleistocene environments, Orce, Spain

2001    Society for Experimental Biology, Canterbury (discussant)

2001    Ungulate-herbivore interactions, University of Copenhagen

2001    World of Elephants I, Rome

2002    QRA conference on Reconstructing Quaternary Chronologies, Oxford

2003    Third International Mammoth conference, Dawson City, Yukon

2005    World of Elephants II, Hot Springs, S. Dakota

2005    Early to Middle Pleistocene stratigraphy, Tende, France

2005    Eitan Tchernov Memorial Meeting, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2007    Fourth International Mammoth Conference, Yakutsk, Russia

2007    First International Conference on the genus Cervus, Primiero, Italy (keynote speaker)

2007    Palaeontological Association Annual Meeting, Uppsala (annual address)

2007    Tentzel Conference, Gotha, Germany

2008    Doctors and Climate Change, Royal College of Physicians, London

2010    International Palaeontological Congress, London (keynote speaker)

2011    International Deer Conference, Nottingham (keynote speaker)

2012    First Annual Boyd Dawkins lecture, University of Manchester

2013    XI International Mammal Congress, Belfast

2013    International Conference on Ruminant Phylogenetics, Munich

2013    International ’50:50’ elephant conservation meeting, Delhi [meeting cancelled]

2014    Megafauna and Ecosystem Function: from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene, 
             Oxford (Keynote speaker)

2014    VI International Conference on Mammoths and their Relatives, Greece 
             (Keynote speaker)

2014    Quaternary Research Association 50th anniversary meeting, London

Invited visiting scientist (including lectures)

1991    Visiting Scientist, Hot Springs Mammoth Site, S Dakota (4 weeks, 2 lectures)

1992    Adjunct  Research Fellow, University of Illinois (1 week)

1992    Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1 week)

1994    University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1 week)

1999    Yukon Science Institute and University of Alaska, (2 weeks, 4 lectures)

1999    University of Uppsala, Sweden (1 week, 2 lectures)

2002    University of Mexico (1 week, invited to hold workshop and lecture)

2002    Hebrew University, Jerusalem (2 weeks, international workshop)

2005    University of Helsinki (1 week, series of guest lectures)

2008    University of Taipei, Taiwan (4 days, 2 lectures)

2009    University of Belgrade, Serbia (4 days, 1 lecture)

Meetings organisation

1995    2nd European Congress of Mammalogy, Southampton (programme advisor)

1996    CEE Workshop on Palaeobiology, UCL (conceived and organised)

1999    Linnean Society/CEE/NASA conference Evolution on Planet Earth: 
             The Impact of the Physical Environment
(conceived and organised)

2000    History and Evolution of Ungulates, Avignon, France (programme advisor)

2001    Symposium on Island Endemics, Congress The World of Elephants
             Rome (invited and organised). Also member of Congress
             organising committee.

2003    CEE Workshop on Extinction (co-conceived and organised)

2005    World of Elephants II, Hot Springs S. Dakota (Organising Committee)

2007    QUAVER Quaternary vertebrates meeting, UCL (organised)

2007    Fourth International Mammoth Conference, Yakutsk (Scientific Committee)

2008    CEE workshop on Functional Anatomy, NHM (conceived and co-organised)

2009    CEE symposium on Ancient DNA (co-organised)

2010    QUAVER Quaternary vertebrates meeting, NHM (organised)

2010    Fifth International Mammoth Conference (scientific committee)

2010    QUAVER Quaternary vertebrates meeting, NHM (organized)

2012    QRA/QUAVER meeting on Late Quaternary Extinctions (organized)

2013    XI International Mammal Congress, Belfast (co-organised extinctions symposium)

2014    Sixth International Mammoth/Elephant Conference, Greece (Scientific Committee)

Exhibitions (advice on scientific content, checking text, locating specimens, etc):

1986-7             Mammoth exhibition at Shropshire Museums Service

1988                 Palaeolithic models and panorama at Centre for Prehistoric Art, France

1989-92           Kent’s Cavern Exhibition Centre, Devon

1991&1997     Ice-Age exhibitions at National Museum of Wales

2000-3            Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris: Mammoth exhibition

2003               Cotswold Water Park – mammoth exhibit

2006               Ice Age Museum, Moscow: web site

2007-8            NHM, new evolution gallery

2009                NHM, interactive wall for Darwin Centre II.

2013-14          NHM, Britain: One Million Years – advice on mammal specimens

2013-14          NHM, Mammoths: Ice Age Giants – scientific advisor

Media (advice on content, scripts, illustrations, &/or appeared). Examples include:

1992-3    BBC2 'Horizon' ‘The Last Mammoth’

1995        Multimedia Corporation for educational CD-ROM 'Wide World of Animals'

1996        Channel 4 film The Beast of Bardia, on Asian elephants

1997-8    Channel 4 film ‘Resurrecting the Mammoth’

1999-01  BBC1 series Walking with Beasts

1999-01  BBC TV series on N. American fossil mammals

2000-01  Channel 4 series Extinct

2001        Evergreen Films, USA, series on extinct animals

2003        Mexican TV item on mammoths

2004        BBC Radio 4 series ‘The Just So Stories’

2004        Korean TV programme on extinctions

2006        Discovery Channel, programme on elephant development

2008        BBC, TV programme on Siberian ice-age mammals

2007-8    NHM ‘Treasures’ book: text and specimen suggestions

2009        BBC2 series Museum of Life

2010        Independent TV: series on reconstructing extinct animals

2012         BBC2 series, Ice Age Giants series

2013         Sky, David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive

2014         Channel 4, Sunday Brunch

Other outreach activities

  • Frequent television and radio interviews on fossils & evolution. These are mostly for news items, and include BBC1, BBC World Service, BBC Radios 2 and 4, Channel 4, Canadian Broadcasting Service, American Broadcasting Corporation, CNN, AP.
  • Popular talks to local societies.
  • Occasional presentation and discussion to school groups.
  • Occasional lecturing to external undergraduate groups, e.g. Open University Earth Sciences summer school (2000 & 2004); Royal Veterinary College first-year students (2005); UCL third-year undergraduates 2007, University of Kent first-year undergraduates 2010.
  • Natural History Museum, ‘Nature Live’ presentations, usually 2 per year, on topics including: fossil hair, ancient DNA, reindeer, fossil evidence for evolution, elephant evolution, ice age mammals, mammoths and extinction.


Refereed academic publications  (percentages are estimates of my contribution to joint works)

1980         Coxon P, Hall AR, Lister A & Stuart AJ
                  New evidence on the vertebrate fauna, stratigraphy and palaeobotany of the 
                  interglacial deposits at Swanton Morley, Norfolk. Geological Magazine 
                  117: 525-46. (33%)

1984a       Lister AM
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1984b        Lister AM
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1984c        Lister AM
The fossil record of elk (Alces alces (L)) in Britain. Quaternary 
44: 1-7.

1985a      Janis CM & Liste AM
The morphology of the lower fourth premolar as a taxonomic indicator in 
                  the Ruminantia, and the systematic position of Triceromeryx. J. Paleont. 
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1985b       Storch G & Lister AM
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1986          Lister AM
New results on deer from Swanscombe, and the stratigraphical significance 
                   of deer remains in the Middle and Upper Pleistocene of Europe. J. 
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13: 319-38.

1987a        Lister AM
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1987b        Lister AM
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1988a        Lister AM & Chapman NG
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1988b        Bridgland D, Allen P, Currant A, Gibbard P, Lister A, Preece R,   
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1989a        Lister AM
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1989b        Lister AM
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1989c        Lister AM
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                   Pleistocene of the West Midlands: Field Guide,
pp 5-12. Quaternary 
                   Research Association, Cambridge.

1990a        Garutt VE, Gentry A & Lister AM
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1990d        Lister AM
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1990e        Lister AM
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1991e        Lister AM
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