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Tapeworm tumours: How not to make a tapeworm

25 May 2016 11.00

Life Sciences seminar

In a recently reported case, an HIV-positive Colombian man with a dwarf tapeworm infection was found to have tumours that contained tapeworm DNA.

Dr Olson describes this case, together with previous cases of tapeworm infection in immunocompromised patients, to illustrate the most likely route of infection.

He will also outline why studying parasites as animals, rather than as a unique category of being, is essential to understanding their biology and informs research into neglected tropical diseases.

Speaker: Dr Peter Olson (Natural History Museum).
Venue: Neil Chalmers seminar room, Natural History Museum.

Thoughts on wildlife trade, CITES and museums

26 May 2016 15.00

CEE seminar

This talk will provide an introduction to the international wildlife trade, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and how it affects the work of natural history museums.

Find out more (PDF, 647 KB)

Speaker: Jonathan Barzdo (independent consultant, formerly Special Adviser on CITES Implementation).
Venue: Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum.

The dominant role of mergers in evolutionary history

27 May 2016 16.30

SciFri talk

Speaker: Professor James McInerney (University of Manchester).
Venue: Neil Chalmers seminar room, Natural History Museum.

War and Peace: The dynamics of evolutionary conflict

8 June 2016 9.30-18.00

CEE Symposium

The topic of this year's CEE Summer Symposium is evolutionary conflict.

It will feature nine speakers from leading UK research institutions such as UCL and the University of Oxford. There will also be an opportunity for PhD students to present posters and give short talks, for which prizes will be awarded.

​To attend or submit a talk, please visit this page. The deadline for registration is 20 May.

Price: £20, or a reduced rate of £10 for students and £15 for postdocs.
Venue: Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London.

Climate and cold blood: reptile responses to past and present climate change

22 June 2016  13:30-17:30


Join us for an afternoon of talks on the impact of climate change on reptiles, both living and extinct.

Speakers will be talking about how changing climates affect reptile diversity and distribution and how understanding their past responses to climate change might help us find effective conservation strategies in the future. 

We will showcase results from a turtle diversity and climate project based at the Museum and funded by NERC.

The meeting if for anyone with an interest in reptile evolution and conservation and is open to academics, conservation professionals students and interested members of the public.

Tea and coffee will be provided and there will be ample opportunties for discussion. 

Price: The meeting is free to attend, but registration is essential for all (including Museum staff).
Venue: Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum.
Speakers: include Dr Annette Broderick (University of Exeter), Prof. Patricia Holroyd (University of California, Berkeley) and Dr Richard Pearson (UCL).
Organiser: Prof Paul Barrett (Earth Sciences).
Contact: Email Paul Barrett for more information.

Conservation palaeobiology: The fossil record of extinction in the ocean

24 June 2016 16.30

SciFri talk

Speaker: Professor Rowan Lockwood (College of William and Mary).
Venue: Neil Chalmers seminar room, Natural History Museum.

Owen's legacy: The Natural History Museum's dinosaur research in the 21st century

22 July 2016 16.30

SciFri talk

Speaker: Professor Paul Barrett (Natural History Museum).
Venue: Neil Chalmers seminar room, Natural History Museum.

Types of seminar

The Natural History Museum hosts specialist seminars aimed at collections management and the research communities based within the Museum and externally. They provide:

  • expert views on current science
  • a forum for discussion 
  • an opportunity to develop networking and collaboration.

Collections management seminars

Collections management seminars are organised by the Collections Management Committee.

They present up-to-date information relating to the care and conservation of collections across the institution and within museums generally.

Departmental seminars

Departmental seminars are organised by the earth and life sciences departments and the core research laboratories. 

Invited speakers present their latest research. Speakers include:

  • visiting specialists
  • students
  • staff
  • scientific associates.

Science Forum 'SciFri' Talks

These are cross-departmental monthly talks, usually by external speakers.

They are informal and inter-disciplinary covering a range of fields including:

  • latest research
  • science policy
  • publishing
  • media
  • fieldwork
  • science methods.

Additional regular yearly events:

  • Earth Perspectives Lecture
  • Darwin's Birthday (February)
  • Young Systematists Forum
  • Annual Student Conference & Thackray Lecture

CEE seminars

The Museum is a partner of the Centre for Ecology and Evolution, which fosters collaboration between researchers in London working on evolution and ecology.


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