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365 days, 365 species

We published a fact file on a different species every day during 2010 to celebrate the UN's international Year of Biodiversity.

Each species we explore has been chosen and written about by a Museum scientist. All the information, images, facts and stories contained within the species files has also been provided by them.

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Some scientists chose to write about species which are part of their research. Others picked species which are particularly interesting because of their value to science, economic impact, or because they show the evolution of interesting types of behaviour.  

Some of the species featured were collected and described for the first time by Museum scientists or are found in the Museum's collections. And some are endangered because of climate change, loss of habitat, or threats from other invasive species. Studying them reveals the importance of maintaining biodiversity in Britain and around the world.

  • Bombus distinguendus on a red clover flower

    Find out about the diversity of species studied by scientists at the Museum, and the threats some of them face, from invasive species to climate change.

  • Four puparia of spiralling whitefly display their highly characteristic waxy secretions
    Scientific advances

    Find out about some of the species studied by Museum scientists that are at the forefront of scientific developments, from forensic entomology to the control of tropical diseases.

  • Eucidaris metularia

    Learn about discoveries made by Museum scientists about the evolutionary history of species living on Earth today, from those that rapidly adapt to new conditions to those have remained almost unchanged for millions of years.

  • Male of Danionella priapus

    Explore a selection of species held in the Museum's collections. Some of them, like Archaeopteryx, were landmark discoveries, while others have been newly-discovered by Museum scientists in the last few years.

Illustration of a primitive amphibian lunging at a giant insect, about 298 million years ago

Prehistoric world in pictures

Marvel at the intriguing prehistoric creatures brought to life by the art of Julius Csotonyi.

Step back in time