Pipreola riefferii (green-and-black fruiteater)

Pipreola riefferii the green-and-black fruiteater is a species of bird in the Cotingidae family.

The green-and-black fruiteater is found in subtropical or tropical forests of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. 

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  • Pipreola riefferii

    Learn more about the unique features of Pipreola riefferiis and what distinguishes the fruiteater from other member of the family.

  • Pipreola riefferii nest and eggs

    Discover more about where to find the green and black fruiteater and what sort of habitat it lives in.

  • Pipreola riefferii nest, eggs and skin

    Find out more about the size and reproduction of the green and black fruiteater.

  • Pipreola riefferii

    Find out the current status of the Pipreola riefferii population and how it has been evaluated in BirdLife International's Red List.

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Pipreola riefferii

Pipreola riefferii © Steve Blain

P. riefferii specimen

Pipreola riefferii

P. riefferii nest and eggs

Pipreola riefferii nest and eggs.

Pipreola riefferii nest, eggsand skin

Nest, eggs and skin. Santa Elena, 8 km east of Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia. © Thomas Knight Salmon Collection

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Curator Douglas G. D. Russell with a collection of eggs
Mr Douglas Russell

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