Gallirallus dieffenbachi (Dieffenbach’s rail)

Gallirallus dieffenbachi known as Dieffenbach’s Rail was a medium-sized flightless rail unique to the Chatham Islands of New Zealand.

Gallirallus dieffenbachi is extinct and only known from one living specimen collected in 1840 by Ernst Dieffenbach, now in the Museum. Records suggest that the species was already extremely scarce by the late 1830s. Dieffenbach’s specimen was undoubtedly one of the last birds alive (Tennyson & Millener 2006).

Following European discovery of the islands in 1791, the arrival of sealers and settlers brought increased levels of hunting and the introduction of Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus), thought to be the cause of extinction.

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  • Gallirallus dieffenbachi

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