Tasmanipatus barretti (giant velvet worm)

Tasmanipatus barretti the giant velvet worm is a rare species found only in north-eastern Tasmania. 

The giant velvet worm is classified as vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN and  because of the small size of the range where it lives.

Tasmanipatus barretti lives in rotting eucalyptus logs within dry and wet sclerophyll forests. The quantity and quality of the rotting log habitat of the giant velvet worm is threatened by forestry activity within its range. Interest in the species has led to policy-informing research being carried out into the best management practices to maintain sufficient habitat for the continued success of the species.

Species detail

Tasmanipatus barretti  It has pink-purple velvety-skin, 15 pairs of legs and extends up to 75mm when walking.

Tasmanipatus barretti belongs to the phylum Onychophora, the various species of which are commonly known as velvet worms. Archer (1994) describes Onychophra as a ‘non-missing, missing link’ between annelids and arthropods, as they are regarded as an important link between these two major phyla and present common features of both.

Onychophora are also regarded as ‘living fossils’, as they are an ancient taxon which has changed very little over the past several million years.

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  • Tasmanipatus barretti

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  • Tasmanipatus barretti

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Tasmanipatus barretti

A giant velvet worm within a rotten log. © Robert Mesibov



Tasmanipatus anophthalmus

Tasmanipatus anophthalmus the blind velvet worm the other member of the new genus Tasmanipatus.

© Robert Mesibov
Tasmanipatus barretti 

A Tasmanian forest, where Tasmanipatus barretti lives in rotting eucalyptus logs in dry and wet sclerophyll forests.

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