Dinosaurs and other extinct creatures

Dinosaurs were several types of extinct prehistoric reptile that lived 230–65 million years ago. But did they completely die out or do they live among us today in the form of birds? And could scientists recreate a T. rex from fossilised amber? Find out the answers to these and many other questions in our collection of articles, fact files and videos. Plus discover the secrets of the fossil primate known as Ida.

  • Tyrannosaurus dinosaur
    Dino Directory

    Which dinosaurs lived in Britain and the rest of the world? Check out our guide to over 300 dinosaurs.

  • The Museum's new Stegosaurus specimen
    The most complete Stegosaurus in the world

    Discover how an extraordinary Stegosaurus specimen is helping Museum scientists learn about the evolution and behaviour of this intriguing dinosaur.

  • Illustration showing a primitive amphibian lunging at a giant insect about 298 million years ago
    Prehistoric world in pictures

    Glimpse prehistoric creatures brought to life by the art of Julius Csotonyi.

  • Dinosaur Sinosauropteryx may have had an orange coloured crest
    News about dinosaurs and other extinct creatures

    From what they looked like, to when and how important features evolved. Get the latest news from the Museum about dinosaurs and other extinct creatures.

  • Illustration of what Archaeopteryx might have looked like
    Archaeopteryx – a snapshot of evolution in action

    Find out about Archaeopteryx, widely considered to be the earliest known bird. Examine one of the rare well-preserved fossils to see the evidence that birds evolved from dinosaurs.

  • Artist's impression of the sea and sky during the Jurassic Period (201-145 million years ago)
    Mass extinctions

    Find out about the big five mass extinction events that each wiped out over half of all species alive at the time.

  • Non-dinosaur reptiles
    Non-dinosaur reptiles

    Many ancient reptiles are often confused with dinosaurs but they do not have the physical characteristics which define a true dinosaur. Find out more about these animals.

  • The head and upper body of Ida, teh fossilised early primate that lived 47 million years ago
    Ida - the clue to primate evolution?

    Ida is the best-preserved fossil primate ever to have been found. Find out about the rainforest world she lived in and what she can tell us about our own ancestry.

  • Claw bone of the Baryonyx dinosaur
    Baryonyx - discovery of an unusual dinosaur

    The discovery of Baryonyx began a whole area of research on specialised fish-eating dinosaurs called spinosaurs. Watch the video to find out more about Baryonx and its significance.

  • Coelophysis has you in its sights
    Augmented reality Coelophysis

    Coelophysis lived in the late Triassic Period, 227-223 million years ago, and was one of the earliest dinosaurs ever to walk the Earth. Bring this prehistoric hunter to life in your home in 3D with augmented reality.

  • Illustration showing how the dinosaur Scelidosaurus may have looked
    Story of Scelidosaurus, a British dinosaur discovery

    In this video, Museum dinosaur expert Dr Paul Barrett tells us the story of Scelidosaurus. The discovery of this Jurassic dinosaur revealed important new evidence about how dinosaurs looked and walked.

  • The world's smallest mammoth may have looked like a dwarf version of this mammoth.
    World's smallest mini mammoth

    Museum scientists have identified a dwarf mammoth in the Mediterranean. Watch the video.

  • Dino-birds

    Are today’s birds descendants of the dinosaurs? Explore the evidence that proved exactly that.

  • High resolution image of heterodontosaurus skull
    Big teeth for a tiny dinosaur

    A tiny dinosaur with big canine teeth shows for the first time how one of the earliest dinosaurs grew into an adult.  Watch the video.

  • T.rex: the killer question quiz
    T. rex: the killer question quiz

    Take the killer question quiz and decide for yourself whether you think T. rex was a scavenger, predator or even both.

  • Virtual specimens
    Virtual specimens

    Examine our virtual specimens, from fossilised trilobites to the bizarre Anomalocaris that stalked the seas 540 million years ago.

  • Gallimimus skeleton
    Ostrich dinosaurs

    Mosts therapods were meat-eaters but ostrich dinosaurs may have been different. Museum palaeontologist Paul Barrett discusses the evidence.

  • Fungus gnat in amber
    The search for DNA in amber

    Scientists discuss the controversial debate over whether dinosaur DNA really can be extracted from the fossilized resin of ancient trees.