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More on Lake Baikal, Russia Lake Baikal, Russia

Discoveries of new arthropod species in a remote Siberian lake are helping scientists understand how new species come into being.

More on termites Termites

Soil-eating African termites make up over 10 per cent of the rainforest animal biomass. Scientists here are discovering how they affect the soil.

More on midges and climate change Midges and climate change

Scientists are tracking climate change through studying tiny corpses of midges found in the bottoms of lakes.

More on deep sea Deep sea

Barely studied, the deep sea is an alien habitat. By classifying the animals that live there, we aim to understand the environmental impacts upon it.

More on malaria Malaria

A pioneering collection of mosquito DNA is helping scientists to track down the spread of malaria.

More on Flora Mesoamericana Flora Mesoamericana

The rich flora of Central America is under threat. The Museum, with local partners, is helping to understand and protect this precious biodiversity.