Conservation projects and issues

Shocking numbers of species are threatened with extinction, including 41% of amphibians, 25% of mammals and 13% of birds, according to recent estimates.

Find out about international conservation projects attempting to save endangered species, and explore some of the challenges conservationists face.

With so many species at risk and only limited resources available for conservation work, how do you decide what to focus on? What’s the best way to protect a species? The decisions aren’t always clear-cut.

  • Tiger
    Tiger conservation breeding (video)

    There are fewer than 5,000 tigers left in the wild. Watch this video to find out how zoos are helping to ensure that this charismatic carnivore isn’t lost forever.

  • Baiji or Yangtze River dolphin
    Protecting the world’s most unique species (video)

    Many of the world’s most unique species are among the most threatened. But they are at risk of being overlooked. Uncover the tragic example of the Yangtze River dolphin.

  • Orangutan
    Helping the orang-utan (video)

    Orang-utans are threatened by deforestation and oil palm plantations. Discover how a project in Sumatra, Indonesia, is empowering local people to protect the forest.

What should we save?

What endangered species should we focus on saving?

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