Dinosaur and fossil scrapbook

Create your own scrapbook

Did you know that when you visit the Natural History Museum you can create a scrapbook full of dinosaur and fossil goodies to enjoy online?

Go to the scrapbook kiosk in the Dinosaurs gallery to collect fun games, fascinating facts, 3D dinosaurs and more.

Open your scrapbook

Have you already created your scrapbook? To open it, enter the NaturePlus number on your card or ticket in the box below.

NaturePlus number:

Where is my NaturePlus number?

Find your NaturePlus number here

You can find your unique number on the NaturePlus card you used in the Dinosaurs gallery, as shown.

If you created your scrapbook at the Age of the Dinosaur exhibition, the number is on your ticket.

Lost your NaturePlus number?

Contact us to let us know. Remember to include your email address and the date you visited the Museum in the message.

Did you know?

More than 20 different types of dinosaur used to live in Britain.