Workshop: chondrules and the protoplanetary disk

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Event type: Workshop

Location: Flett Theatre

Subject: Origins

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Adult: Free

Date: 27-28 February 2017

Chondrules are one of the major components of chondritic meteorites.

They provide important information about conditions and processes at different times and in different regions of the protoplanetary disk.


  • thermal processing and radial transport of solids in the disk
  • duration of its accretionary stage
  • accretion
  • structure
  • thermal evolution of chondrite parent bodies.

Understanding the origin of chondrules is one of the fundamental but still unsolved problems in meteoritics and cosmochemistry.

At this workshop we will discuss

  • physical, chemical, and isotopic characteristics of chondrules
  • possible mechanisms of chondrule formation
  • relationships between chondrules and other chondritic components
  • the relationship between chondrule formation and accretion.
Event dates
27 February 2017 All day
28 February 2017 All day