Dino Scene Investigation

This activity has curriculum links suitable for pupils in years 3-6 (KS2).

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Perform your own fossil dig and draw conclusions about how dinosaurs looked in this hands-on workshop.

From slow, plant-eating giants to fierce scavengers and hunters, dinosaurs dominated the land for over 160 million years. They died out around 65 million years ago, so how do scientists work out how they looked and behaved?

In this workshop pupils will handle rocks and fossils, and find out how paleontologists study specimens. Pupils will work in groups to perform their own fossil dig, uncovering mystery specimens from excavation boxes.

Inspired by seeing illustrations of extinct species, pupils will observe and draw bone structures to interpret the species their fossil came from.

Pupils will:

  • Find out that some rocks contain the remains of animals and plants, and that these are called fossils.
  • Learn that scientists examine fossils to find out about animals and plants which lived a long time ago.
  • Develop skills of observation and interpretation through excavating dinosaur skulls and drawing them.

Learning themes:  using observations to draw conclusions, finding out how scientists use evidence, dinosaurs, carnivores and herbivores.

Duration: 45 minutes

Capacity: 30 students


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