Sexual Nature

Few subjects arouse more interest than sex. And few museums could present the act of reproduction in such an informative and engaging way.

Working with evolutionary biologists, animal behaviour experts and Museum curators, Sexual Nature examines and explores in intimate detail the sex lives of animals.

Find out below how you can attract the crowds with this irresistible exhibition.

Exhibition details

A compelling scientific storyline runs throughout the exhibition. It brings together more than 100 specimens from the Natural History Museum’s collections, specially commissioned taxidermy, stunning photos and video footage and award-winning short films by Isabella Rossellini.

Sexual Nature leaves little to the imagination. From the moment visitors enter the exhibition’s sensual low-lit environment, they’ll see and hear mother nature at her most sexually active as we explore how animals do it.

Visitors will see courtship rituals and seduction techniques, from moonwalking manakin birds to present-giving dance flies. They’ll also see the aggressive side of sexual nature and discover some amazing facts of life. For instance, did you know the barnacle has a penis 30 times its body length? Or that male hedgehogs make a ‘sperm plug’ that acts as a natural chastity belt for females.

The final display area explores the conventional and not so conventional behaviours that drive human sexual attraction. And through interactive methods such as magnetic poetry, a chat-up line wall, and lonely hearts recordings, we sensitively encourage visitors to share their own sexual beliefs and express what lust, love and sex mean to them.


Sexual Nature takes a provocative look at the subject of reproduction. It contains frank information and imagery about sex and may not be suitable for a younger audience.

For more information about the exhibition, download the Sexual Nature information pack (PDF).


To host this exhibition you will need:

  • an indoor display area of minimum 450m2 
  • 4.5m ceiling height in one area for assembly (depending on assembly equipment)
  • environmentally-controlled conditions (exact specification to be confirmed)
  • minimum doorway access height of 2.4m and width of 1.8m 
  • storage facilities for transport cases
  • single-phase electrical supply
  • skilled support staff to assist with installation and dismantling, including a site manager and an electrician to sign off the exhibition
  • equipment required for access, installation and exit, including a forklift with driver and hoists

The host venue's responsibilities include:

  • paying transport costs of 4x 13.5m trailers from previous venue
  • translation of text and production of text panels and graphics
  • translation of text for digital interactives and films
  • ensuring the exhibition is manned at all times 
  • sourcing live specimens locally (if desired)
  • audio-visual support (to be confirmed)
  • additional exhibition lighting
  • promotion and publicity
  • insurance

Average installation/dismantling period: 20 days 
Ideal hire period: at least 4 months.


Watch a short video to get a flavour of the content of this exhibition.

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