Our licensees

Find out about some of our existing licensees. See where their products sell and how our partnerships with licensees fit into the Museum brand.

  • Greetings cards from Archivist, created using images from our own picture library.
    Archivist cards

    Archivist Cards have held a license with us since 1997, bringing our best archive material to the fore in a tasteful collection of high quality printed products.

  • Dino torch by Brainstorm

    Brainstorm create educational toys that spark the imagination and encourage kids to learn about the natural world.

  • Goldmajor use some of the highest quality amber in Europe for our range of beautiful jewellery.

    Goldmajor is one of the UK's leading amber suppliers, specialising in high quality jewellery pieces.

  • Our range of Great Gizmos educational products put the fun back into science.
    Great Gizmos

    Great Gizmos' expertise in craft sets and toy kits is reflected in their inspired range of educational products.

  • Dinosaur Dash game from The Green Board Game Company
    The Green Board Game Company

    We have worked with The Green Board Game Company to produce a range of fun and educational games. Their products take inspiration from the Museum's science and are made from ethically and responsibly sourced materials.

  • Wild Republic's Natural History Museum toys
    Wild Republic

    Wild Republic's nature-themed toys and soft toys have been a mainstay of our licensing programme for several years.

  • The popular remote-controlled rattlesnake toy from Wow! Stuff
    Wow! Stuff

    This lively company with exciting products has injected energy and scientific expertise into their retail offering. Winning several awards, they've worked closely with scientists at the Museum to launch exciting and scientifically accurate products. 

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