Lights out at Museum for Earth Hour

27 March 2010

Lights on the landmark Natural History Museum building go out this weekend as the Museum takes part in WWF’s Earth Hour.

The annual event encourages buildings, organisations, and people to switch their lights off for an hour to highlight the impact humans are having on climate change.

The Museum's external floodlights, which currently illuminate the iconic building in different colours after dark, will be switched off for 1 hour at 20.30, on Saturday 27 March.

The Museum will be joining others around the world, such as Big Ben and Sydney Harbour Bridge, and WWF hope to get more than 1 billion people to take part.

'I think it is so important for the Natural History Museum to get involved with a global campaign such as WWF’s Earth Hour,' says Museum's Environmental and Sustainability Manager Claire Methold.

'Our vision is to advance our knowledge of the natural world, inspiring better care of our planet, and by switching off our lights we can show our support for people and wildlife threatened by climate change, many of whom our scientists are well aware of.'

As well as looking after 70 million specimens, the Museum has more than 300 scientists, hundreds of staff and millions of visitors using its building each year. So, it is always looking for ways to reduce its energy consumption.

The Museum's colour-changing floodlights, lighting up the front of the Waterhouse building in South Kensington, were recently installed and use LED technology, requiring a third of the energy the old halogen lamps used.

'I’m excited to see what the Museum will look like without the floodlights illuminating the architecture too!' says Claire. So, when the lights go out on Saturday, remember it isnt a power cut!

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