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21 April 2009

From a magnificent mammoth, to a tiny single-celled diatom, join Natural History Museum scientists as they explore how life evolved on Earth, in the Museum’s Evolution Season of free talks, starting this week.

Ever since Charles Darwin suggested the theory of evolution by natural selection in the 19th century, it has been thoroughly challenged and tested across a range of scientific disciplines.

Today it remains the only compelling, scientifically rigorous explanation for how life evolves on our planet and a lot of evidence has been collected to support the theory.

Join in the discussion in Nature Live events

Join in the discussion in Nature Live events

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:30pm, the Nature Live team will bring together scientists and visitors and the first event today, Evidence for Evolution, looks at examples of evolution in action.

You can explore how the Madagascan aye-aye’s anatomy and behaviour has evolved to fill a unique ecological niche. Or, how something as seemingly perfect as the human eye supports the theory of evolution by natural selection.

Did dinosaurs and plants evolve together, and is there evidence in the fossil record? Find out the answers and much more in this exciting series of events taking place until July.

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