New hawkmoths on display

07 April 2009

Some of the spectacular hawkmoths the Museum was able to buy with the help of public donations go on display this month.

Almost £150,000 was raised from more than 350 generous donations from the public since the appeal began in the summer 2008.

Visit the small display next to the entrance of the Dinosaur gallery and see some striking specimens from the almost 230,000 collected by Dr Jean-Marie Cadiou.

The hawkmoth collection at the Museum is now one of the largest in the world. It will be cared for by curators who look after the 28 million other insect specimens.

'It’s such a delight that we’re able to receive such a scientifically valuable collection,' Museum butterfly and moth expert Dr Ian Kitching said.

These important insects, of which there are 1,400 known species, will also be studied by scientists and amateur naturalists from around the world.

The hawkmoth specimens will get a fantastic new home in the new state-of-the-art Darwin Centre cocoon building, opening in the autumn 2009.

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