International student summit begins

02 July 2008

Today is the start of the International student summit at the Natural History Museum.

British Council students from overseas will join UK students at the 3-day summit to discuss Darwin and how his work has influenced contemporary science and society.

Evolution idea

Evolution by natural selection was an idea revealed to the world 150 years ago yesterday, by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. The idea became known as Darwin's and it became biology's most important concept.

Natural selection

Natural selection is where the fittest individuals of a species are more likely to survive and reproduce and pass their advantageous characteristics to their offspring.


Speakers at the summit include Quentin Cooper, presenter of the BBC's The Material World, the UK's most listened to science radio programme, and Dr Olivia Judson, award-winning author of Dr Tatania's Sex Advice to All Creation . There are Museum scientists and experts in the fields from botany to genetics.

Watch live online

The discussions are being filmed and can be watched live online through the Museum website.