Animal Olympics

11 August 2008

Olympic fever has begun. But have you ever wondered how different animals would do if they competed against each other?

Find out in a free Nature Live event tomorrow at the Natural History Museum with the producer of the BBC's Animal Games television programme.

More than 4.1 million television viewers watched how animals competed in human events.

The high jump included great jumpers such as a bushbaby, a flea, a maggot, a bird and a salmon. The long jump saw a penguin compete against a mudskipper.

Rob Pilley joins members of the public tomorrow to share secrets of how the programme was made and reveals some of the fascinating insights into animal athleticism.

Animal Games is on at 12:30 12 August in Marine Invertebrates gallery or you can watch it live online. There is a screening of the BBC's Animal Games at 14:30.

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