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Museum news delivered straight to your virtual door

29 March 2007

The Natural History Museum has launched its own RSS news feed so you can keep up to date with all the latest from the Museum.

Examples of the most popular RSS logos.

Examples of the most popular RSS logos.

As well as the unmissable exhibitions, exclusive events and world-class collections, the Museum is also a centre for scientific excellence. There are over 300 scientists working on a variety of research with partners from all over the world.

Find out about the latest science news first

With the RSS feed you can be the first to find out the latest science news from the Museum. Discover how scientists are searching for the beginnings of our solar system, uncovering the first Britons, how we have looked after the skeleton of the Thames whale and what connects the Museum to the book The Conjurer's Bird.

Save surfing time

RSS feeds are a great way to receive automated updates from your favourite websites, without having to visit the website itself. Updates are delivered to your news reader, toolbar or browser automatically, saving you valuable surfing time.

Subscribe to the news feed now, or find out more about RSS. You can also sign up to RSS feeds for the Museum's Dino Directory, the Antarctic blog, and the meteorite blog.