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Museum reveals new beecam

02 July 2007

A new beecam is launched at the Natural History Museum. You can see the honeybees close-up , anytime of day, as they busily build their hive and make honey.

BBC WIldlife presenter, Bill Oddie, unveiled the Museum's first natural beehive in the Museum's Wildlife Garden in April 2007.

Sponsored by Honey Monster, the beehive sits in the 'bee tree' and you can get up close and peer inside the hive if you visit the Wildlife Garden. If you can't visit, don't worry, just have a look at the beecam to see the bees at work.

The honeybees' species name is  Apis melifera , and it is the only bee in Europe and most of the world that produces honey. Bees move pollen from plant to plant as they feed on nectar and they pollinate many important crops worldwide.

Watch the bees now on the Beecam or find out more about honeybees.

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