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Endurance of the beetles - 21/12/2007

Museum scientists have discovered that most modern-day beetle groups first appeared during the Jurassic period when dinosaurs were living.

New Colombian butterfly found - 19/12/2007

A new butterfly species, found only in the high Andes of South America, has been discovered by a scientist at the Museum.

Evacuate art installation opens at Tring - 14/12/2007

The evacuation of important Museum specimens during the Second World War is explored.

Huge dinosaur gets new identity - 12/12/2007

Fossil remains from one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs ever found have been identified as belonging to a new species.

Jawbone from ancient polar bear discovered - 11/12/2007

A fossilised polar bear jawbone could be the oldest polar bear remains ever found.

Photo exhibition tour begins at Tring - 08/12/2007

Nature's top moments from this year's Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, begin their international tour at Tring.

Dinosaur 'mummy' found - 05/12/2007

Early studies of a 67-million-year old dinosaur with preserved soft tissues are promising.

Icefish lose their genes - 04/12/2007

Antarctic icefish have lost two vital genes in their bid to survive the icy waters.


Dame Helen Mirren launches the Vault - 29/11/2007

Some of nature's most unique, rare and valuable treasures are displayed in the Museum's new permanent gallery, the Vault.

Museum is one of seven wonders of London - 28/11/2007

The Natural History Museum is voted one of the seven wonders of London by Time Out magazine.

Giant sea scorpions are largest arthropods ever to have lived - 22/11/2007

A recent discovery has established that sea scorpions, or eurypterids, could have been up to 2.5m long.

Set the record straight with Natural History Museum Animal Records - 22/11/2007

More than 250 pages filled with stunning photographs, fascinating facts and all the latest animal discoveries.

Flood Warning Annual Science Lecture to be held 27 November - 19/11/2007

What is the global impact of the melting ice sheets? Prof David Vaughan speaks at the Museum's Annual Science Lecture.

New dinosaur in Museum collection - 14/11/2007

University of Portsmouth researcher finds new dinosaur in Museum collections.

Museums help students' view of science - 09/11/2007

A conference today looks at how museum workshops help improve secondary students' view of science.

Ice Rink opens with Fearne ice sculpture - 08/11/2007

TV presenter Fearne Cotton helped celebrate the opening of the Museum's Ice Rink today.


Dinosaur Sticker Book updated - 31/10/2007

The Natural History Museum's Dinosaur Sticker Book has been updated.

Elephant skull in Henry Moore display - 30/10/2007

Museum elephant skull goes on display in a Henry Moore exhibition at Penny School Gallery, Kingston College.

The Human Story, a simple tale? - 27/10/2007

The Human Story, a new Natural History Museum book by Charles Lockwood, unravels the mysteries of human evolution.

2007 nature photo winner announced - 25/10/2007

British photographer crowned overall winner in world's most prestigious wildlife photography competition.

Prehistoric fish fingers revealed - 22/10/2007

Our hands and feet developed from prehistoric fish fingers, according to new research by a scientist at the Natural History Museum.

International natural history museums meet - 17/10/2007

Natural history institutions come together this week for the first international conference.

T.rex footprint discovered - 10/10/2007

A dinosaur hunter from Manchester has found a footprint of what may be a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Little Savages and White Horse Museum open - 05/10/2007

Two new art installations open at the Natural History Museum today. Little Savages and the White Horse Museum.

The return of Weird Creatures - 04/10/2007

Museum scientists help Nick Baker with new series of Weird Creatures.


British wildlife photos highly commended - 29/09/2007

British photographers are highly commended in this year's Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

Oldest diamonds give clues to Earth evolution - 28/09/2007

Diamonds more than four billion years old, nearly as old as the Earth, have been found in Australia.

Baby dinosaur herd discovered in China - 20/09/2007

A fossilised herd of baby dinosaurs is discovered, giving clues to how their social behaviour evolved.

DNA barcoding on track to revolutionise malaria control - 16/09/2007

Scientists wishing to tackle the deadly disease malaria are using DNA barcoding to help.

Sunlight and new team arrive in Antarctica - 14/09/2007

A new team arrives in Antarctica, just as the first sunlight returns, ready for a summer of conservation work.

Museum expertise helps conserve Thailand's biodiversity - 06/09/2007

Museum scientists help put together Thailand's first national collection and identification facility for insects.


Museum's meteoric move - 31/08/2007

The largest meteorite at the Natural History Museum is safely moved to its new home.

Natural History Museum at Tring receives grant - 30/08/2007

The Natural History Museum at Tring receives a grant for the refurbishment of one of its galleries.

Ancient ape fossil found - 23/08/2007

Fossils belonging to an ape that lived 10 million years ago have been discovered in Ethiopia.

OPAL funding begins - 21/08/2007

Lottery funding is awarded to environmental project Open Air Laboratories (OPAL).

Roots and Herbs of Jamaica - 17/08/2007

The Caribbean community and the historical collections of the Museum have come together to explore Jamaica's plant heritage.

Facial attraction and evolution - 13/08/2007

Studies on our fossil ancestors have shown our choice of sexual partner has shaped the human face.

Hopes for dodo DNA rise - 10/08/2007

A recent find of a dodo skeleton raises hopes of getting genetic material from the extinct flightless bird.

Kenyan fossils reveal early human evolution - 09/08/2007

Two fossils give clues to side-by-side living of two early human species.

12-foot sperm whale skull arrives at Museum - 05/08/2007

The Museum receives a complete sperm whale skull. See the arrival of the 12-foot specimen.


Cockroach catalogue launches - 27/07/2007

The first online database catalogue of the world’s cockroaches is launched this month.

UK's most important plant areas identified - 24/07/2007

A list of more than 150 important plant areas in the UK is published today to help boost conservation.

Climate change project gets cash boost - 20/07/2007

A project to investigate how our ancestors responded to rapid environmental change is awarded three million pounds.

Manifesto to save our gardens launched - 18/07/2007

UK's leading wildlife and horticultural organisations sign up to highlight importance of wildlife gardens.

Buffon symposium 2007 - 13/07/2007

An international symposium dedicated to the roles of natural history museums in the understanding of biodiversity will take place this autumn.

Greening cities student summit - 09/07/2007

Decision makers, scientists and students attend this year's international student summit at the Museum.

Behind the scenes at the Museum - 04/07/2007

Ever wondered what it is like to spend a day working behind the scenes at the Museum? Two students find out.

Museum reveals new beecam - 02/07/2007

A new beecam is launched at the Natural History Museum. See honeybees close-up as they busily build their hive and make honey.


Meteorites reveal Earth's core - 29/06/2007

Scientists have used meteorites from Mars and other planetary bodies to help find out how the Earth's core formed.

Nature's engineers reveal nano skills - 26/06/2007

Museum scientists discover a way to replicate tiny structures, such as the anti-reflective eyes in moths, using nature itself.

Beetle battle of the sexes - 25/06/2007

Scientists discover an evolutionary battle of the sexes in diving beetles.

Focus to save monarch butterflies - 22/06/2007

Threats to the survival of the extraordinary monarch butterfly migration is highlighted next week at the Natural History Museum.

Minister announces commitment to science - 19/06/2007

Culture Minister David Lammy announces the government's commitment to promoting science in the UK.

Spectacular Aurora captured in Antarctica - 15/06/2007

Conservators working in Antarctica see a spectacular light show.

Stegosaurus' little cousin is found - 13/06/2007

A newly discovered species of dinosaur sheds light on the origins of the plant-eating dinosaurs.

Will climate change bring more disease? - 06/06/2007

Scientists meet to discuss whether milder temperatures bring infectious diseases?

Beads confirm ancient jewellery making - 05/06/2007

Ancient beads dating to 82,000 years ago are uncovered in a limestone cave in Morocco.

Did walking upright begin in the trees? - 01/06/2007

New orangutan research suggests walking on two legs began high up in the trees.


Surviving Antarctica, new Museum book - 30/05/2007

Take a journey to the end of the Earth and discover how life survives some of the most extreme conditions on the planet.

The truth about false widow spiders - 27/05/2007

Find out about the false widow spiders and one particular species that is becoming more common in the UK.

Ice Station Antarctica opens - 25/05/2007

Are you up for the challenge? Ice Station Antarctica family exhibition opens at the Natural History Museum today.

Atlas of bird migration - 20/05/2007

Can you tell a wagtail from a warbler? Do you know where the birds in your garden go each winter? Find out more.

Encyclopedia of Life underway at the Museum - 17/05/2007

Work on creating an online encyclopedia of all 1.8 million living species on Earth has begun.

Agreement on Aboriginal remains reached - 11/05/2007

The TAC and the Natural History Museum have reached agreement after a three-day mediation.

Australian evidence for Out of Africa theory - 09/05/2007

DNA evidence confirming that Australia and New Guinea’s earliest settlers came from one small group of people is found.

Hornet sightings create a buzz - 04/05/2007

Stuart Hine manager of the Museum's Insect Identification Service is receiving unprecedented enquires about sightings of hornets.

Rising Seas at the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival - 03/05/2007

The third annual fossil festival takes place this weekend with the theme rising seas.


Homo Britannicus nominated for Aventis Prize - 29/04/2007

Chris Stringer's book Homo Britannicus is shortlisted for the Royal Society's Aventis Prize for Science Books.

Bill Oddie unveils Museum beehive - 25/04/2007

The Natural History Museum Wildlife Garden's first natural beehive is unveiled.

Superman beware, kryptonite is real - 24/04/2007

A new mineral matching kryptonite's unique chemistry is identified by scientists at the Natural History Museum.

Miniature relations of world's smallest fish revealed - 18/04/2007

Scientists have worked out where the world's smallest fish fits in to the fish family tree.

Wallace's treasures go online - 13/04/2007

Lost treasures of Alfred Russel Wallace, the co-discoverer of the process of evolution by natural selection, go online for the first time.

Termites are cockroaches after all - 11/04/2007

Insect experts at the Natural History Museum reveal that termites are in fact cockroaches.

Scientists call for bluebell detectives - 06/04/2007

Become a bluebell detective this spring and help discover if Britain’s favourite wildflower is under threat.

Last chance to see nature's top moments - 05/04/2007

Time is running out to experience the best wildlife photography from the furthest corners of our world.


New identity for Museum at Tring - 30/03/2007

The Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum is re-named the Natural History Museum at Tring.

Museum news delivered straight to your virtual door - 29/03/2007

RSS news feed is launched to keep you up to date with the latest from the Natural History Museum.

Ancient mammal gives clues to ear evolution - 21/03/2007

Scientist have discovered an ancient mammal that gives clues to how mammal ears evolved from reptile jaw bones.

Get in a flap over butterflies - 20/03/2007

A new exhibition, Bright Wings of Summer, at the Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum.

Extinctions after the cause - 16/03/2007

Species extinctions may occur millions of years after the apparent environmental cause, new research suggests.

Childhood clues to modern human evolution - 14/03/2007

Studies on fossil specimens from a 160,000-year-old child reveal more clues to the evolution of modern humans.

Weird creatures in the Museum - 12/03/2007

Bizarre animals in Weird Creatures are revealed behind the scenes at the Museum.

Did gorillas give us lice? - 10/03/2007

New research suggests humans got pubic lice by close contact with gorillas.

Indian warbler re-found after 139 years - 09/03/2007

A species of warbler thought to be extinct is re-found in Thailand and in Museum collections.

Anglers check their flies for cleaner waters - 08/03/2007

The Anglers Monitoring Initiative is launched today at the Natural History Museum.


Colossal squid rivals giant squid - 23/02/2007

A colossal squid is caught by New Zealand fishermen.

Museum offers alternative human remains resolution to TAC - 20/02/2007

Museum offers alternative human remains resolution to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre (TAC).

New poo in Dino Jaws - 19/02/2007

A new installation of fossilised dinosaur poo has arrived in the Dino Jaws exhibition.

Rare sharks surface in Japan - 15/02/2007

Two species of rare sharks, a frilled shark and a goblin shark, surface in Japan.

Fascinating fossil folklore - 12/02/2007

Fossil Folklore, the family-friendly exhibition exploring the myths around fossils, opens.

Museum scientist uses new 'super microscope' - 07/02/2007

Mineral expert Paul Schofield is one of the first scientists to use the new 'super microscope'.

Museum reveals its Conjurer's Bird - 02/02/2007

A painting of the mysterious bird of Ulieta, or the conjurer's bird, is looked after at the Museum.


Call for best wildlife photos - 30/01/2007

The search for the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007 has begun.

Scientists start search for planetary origins - 25/01/2007

A project to study the formation of the solar system, called Origins, begins this month.

Focus to save most extraordinary species - 17/01/2007

EDGE project to help save the world's most extraordinary and threatened species is launched.

First ever display of Thames whale skeleton - 12/01/2007

The northern bottlenose whale that swam up the River Thames a year ago is displayed at the Guardian.

Antarctic camping and artful biodiversity, new exhibitions for 2007 - 10/01/2007

Experience camping in Antarctica and the artful biodiversity of London in two new exhibitions.

Attenborough is Britain's Greatest Living Icon - 05/01/2007

The UK's foremost and best-loved natural history presenter, Sir David Attenborough, is voted Britain's Greatest Living Icon.

Photo exhibition tour's first stop at Tring - 02/01/2007

Nature's top moments, captured in this year's Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, go on tour.