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Is the science of climate change robust?

11 July 2006

Does the latest scientific data confirm climate change is happening and how is current global warming having an effect?

This week young adults from around the world are debating these issues with the UK's leading climate experts at the Natural History Museum's Student Summit 2006 11-14 July .

The summit will be web cast live and opens with Sir David King, the government's Chief Scientific Adviser, speaking about the science of climate change.

'The latest scientific data confirm what many of us have long suspected: climate change is already happening, and human emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, together with deforestation, are the culprit,' says Sir David King.

'Carbon dioxide levels are now about 40 per cent higher than at any time in the past 740,000 years at least, and due to the inertia of the global system further warming will occur over the next few decades regardless of action on emissions reduction.'

Student Summit 2006: Climate Change is a four-day conference aimed at AS and A-Level students (11-14 July). Each day of the summit will examine different aspects of climate change, and the afternoon is organised around a Question Time-style debate where a panel of experts will address questions raised by the delegates. Votes will be cast and the outcomes passed to both government and local government partners.

Other key speakers will include Jonathan Porritt, eminent writer and co-founder of Forum for the Future, and artists from the associated exhibition The Ship: The Art of Climate Change , journalists, Museum scientists and university academics.

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