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UK pavilion wins bronze award at EXPO 2005

16 July 2005

Expo Japan 2005

The Natural History Museum, along with Ten Alps Events Limited and Land Studio Design, have won a bronze award for the UK pavilion at EXPO 2005 held in Aichi, Japan.

The theme at EXPO 2005 was Nature's Wisdom, and its aim was to raise people's awareness of the global environment and explore ways to promote a sustainable future. The purpose of the Bronze Nature's Wisdom Award was to recognise the pavilions that do an outstanding job of bringing to life this theme.

The Natural History Museum and its partners, on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, designed and created the UK pavilion, called On display were many UK innovations in science and technology such as the Millennium Seedbank Project and the Museum’s research work on shark skin commissioned by Speedo.

Feedback from visitors to the pavilion has been very positive. Gordon Rankmore, the Musuem’s head of exhibition development, said ‘the research collected has shown we have been successful in achieving the aims of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office – to change the visitor’s perceptions of the UK after leaving the pavilion – with many more now feeling the UK embraces new ideas, is creative and innovative.

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