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How dangerous is climate change?

01 February 2005

Experts are meeting at a conference in Exeter this week to discuss climate change and the dangerous impact it may have on societies throughout the world.

Over the last few years, more and more data have been collected from various sources supporting the theory that climate change and global warming is already happening, and at a rate that will continue to have a major impact on our lives.

Experts are warning that the world will see more erratic weather patterns and changes to our environment including a negative effect on the biodiversity of the planet.

For example:

  • WWF warn that polar bears and other Arctic animals could be extinct by the end of this century as the area of Arctic summer ice decreases.
  • The National Trust has appealed for more protection for British coastlines as more and more beauty spots disappear due to rising sea levels, extreme rainfall and flash floods.
  • RSPB warn of the many species of birds, such as the Scottish crossbill, that are already under threat due to global warming.
  • Friends of the Earth report on how the UK must do more to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.