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The biggest dinosaur discovered in Britain

24 November 2004

Bones from the biggest dinosaur uncovered in the UK have been discovered on the Isle of Wight.

Brachiosaurus illustration

A team from the University of Portsmouth believes the reptile was probably over 20 m long and could have weighed as much as 40-50 tonnes.

The fossils are from a sauropod, such as a Brachiosaurus or a Sauroposeidon. Sauropods are the biggest and heaviest group of dinosaurs.

Learn more about Brachiosaurus in the Dino Directory. This dinosaur was also similar to Diplodocus - the famous skeleton in the Museum's Life Galleries.

Even this new find is only half the size of the biggest dinosaur ever discovered, Argentinosaurus. Find out more about Argentinosaurus in the Dino Directory.

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