Work experience

May Webber on work experience

Here at the Natural History Museum we are in a very unique position as leaders in science and research, as well as being a national visitor attraction.

We can offer you the experience of working in either a specialist science department or a visitor service group, giving you an insight into the breadth of work and diversity of jobs available within the heritage sector.

Work experience is open to students in Year 10 up to those aged 18.

Work experience gives you the chance to spend 1 or 2 weeks away from the classroom to learn about a specific job or area of work.

All our work experience opportunities are advertised online and you can apply for any suitable vacancies using our online recruitment search.

Search and apply for work experience vacancies

Placements are organised to coincide with school holiday dates where possible but we may not always be able to match your availability. Placements are available during the holiday periods outlined below only. We regret that placements are limited and heavily over subscribed and we can not involve all students who meet our criteria.

Find out the key dates, when to apply, and more application information below.

Dates and when to apply

When work experience placements are available they will be advertised as follows:

  • February half term placements are advertised in November.
  • Easter holiday placements are advertised in February.
  • Summer half term placements are advertised in March/April.
  • Summer holiday placements are advertised in April/May.
  • October half term placements are advertised in August.
  • Christmas and New Year holiday placements are advertised in November.

Application advice

How do I decide which placement to apply for?
Make sure you read the placement outline thoroughly before applying.

A helpful hint is to write out your answers in a separate document first and then copy them into an email to us once you are happy with what you have written. Save a copy of your answers for your records.

There are always lots more people applying than there are available placements, so it’s very important that you apply for the placement that best matches your skills and interests. 

Please also check that you are available for the dates of the placement.

Selection of students
Students are selected on their merit and capabilities, and judged on their responses to our questions. Please make sure you think about our questions carefully and draw on your skills and experiences that relate directly to the placement specification.

When will I be given an answer?
If you have not heard back from us within a month of your intended placement, then you were not selected for a placement this time.

Can I apply again?
You can apply again but you will need to complete a new e-application for the new placement you have selected.