Corporate information

We are open and accountable in the way we run our affairs, and committed to ensuring that robust corporate governance processes are in place.

Many documents produced by the Museum are available to the public. Choose below the area you are interested in:

  • Museum governance
    Museum governance

    Find out how the Museum is managed and funded and discover more about its grants.

  • The Duchess of Cambridge
    Our Patron

    Meet our Patron, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. Her patronage was announced on 19 April 2013.

  • Grounds design competition
    Redesigning the Museum's grounds

    Teams of architects are invited to redesign the Museum's grounds to match our unmistakable architecture.

  • Tail of the Diplodocus skeleton in the Museum's.
    Annual Reviews

    Year by year reviews of the Museum's work which show just how wide-ranging and relevant our work is. .  

  • Museum accounts
    Museum accounts

    The Annual Report and Accounts illustrate how the Museum’s resources are spent and provide an overview of its activities.

  • Procurement

    The Museum ensures that the procurement of all its works, goods and services is based on value for money, propriety and maximising the use of the available resources.

  • Equality and diversity
    Equality and diversity

    We are committed to equality at every level within our organisation.

  • Freedom of information
    Freedom of Information

    The Freedom of Information Act gives any person the right to request information held by public authorities, including the Natural History Museum. Find out more about it.