Equality and diversity

The Museum is committed to supporting equality and diversity amongst its staff and visitors. This means a commitment to offering the widest possible access to our buildings and collections, and ensuring everyone – whether visitors, staff or other organisations - is treated fairly, impartially and with integrity.

We are committed to equality at every level within our organisation. We apply this through our employment policies which support workforce diversity, provide flexible working arrangements and an established framework for training and development.

  • Disability equality
    Disability Equality Scheme

    The involvement of disabled people in identifying barriers to disability equality is a key aspect of the scheme.

  • Gender equality
    Gender Equality Scheme

    The Museum is committed to providing a work environment that encourages people of all backgrounds and beliefs to work well together and achieve their potential.

Cartoon image of a hatchet fish on a museum pass

In World War II the Museum was used as a secret base to develop new gadgets for allied spies, including an exploding rat!